ASEAN FLAG Seminar 28 June, 2012

By admin on June 28, 2012

Asean Flag Seminar on Geopatial Data Natural Resources Management in Lao PDR

28 June, 2012


According to the Seventh Five-year Economic Development Plan of Lao PDR (2010-2015), there are several targets in natural resources and environment management. These targets include minimizing environmental impacts of the development, increasing the forest cover to 65% of total land area, completing laand allocation by identifying development zones, arresting climate change and global warming, protecting country from natural disasters e.g. floods and reversing environment losses caused due various reasons. In the process to achieve these goals, geospatial data play a very omportant role. The purpose/objective of this seminar is to review current situation in natural resources management in Lao PDR, identify the challenges related to it and find solution how to improve the process with up-to-date and accurate geospatial data provided by National Geographic Department.


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