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GIS Committee workshop discusses coordinated collection and use of geographic data

Vang Vieng, 5 June 2015. In a three-day workshop, members of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Committee worked towards a joint understanding of standardized production, sharing and technical standards of geographic data.


GIS committee members in Vang Vieng

The main aim of the workshop was to come to agreements on a joint data sharing policy and technical standards. Coordination of line ministries regarding geographic data is necessary, because there is no general regulation on geographic information, nor an authority to decide on standards and practices of production, distribution and sharing of geographic information. As a result authorities have their own standards and practices, which are not always coherent. The GIS Committee supports the introduction of standards and promotes exchange of information to avoid overlapping work.

Seminar on “Geographic Information from Survey, Aerial photography and Mapping for the Central High Ranking Officials of Lao PDR”

On Friday 25th October, 2013 at Lao Plaza Hotel Vientiane Capital, a seminar on “Geographic Information from Survey, Aerial photography and Mapping” was organized for the central high ranking officials. The seminar was chaired by H.E Mr. Khampane Philavong, Minister of Home Affairs with participations of Deputy Ministers of the Ministries, equivalent organizations at central levels as well as the Directors Generals of the Departments and some technical staff of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Mr. Khampane Philavong said that: this seminar on Geographic Information Survey and Mapping is being taken place in the time that the whole government officials as well as the entire Lao people are actively working on implementing the directives of the 9th Conference of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, and the 7th 5-year Social-Economic Development Plan of the Lao Government, especially the implementation of the Four Breakthrough Directives and the tentatively trial on implementation of the Three Builds Directives throughout the country. The geographic information from the survey, aerial photography and mapping is significantly used in planning for the national social-economic development, management, inspection and monitoring the natural environment, national defense and public security. In addition, geographic information also contributes to the strengthening of social-economic development, international connection as well as cooperation with foreign countries.DSCN0767