2011 Workshops

By admin on March 1, 2012

Decree on surveying…(Arcticle) and Agreement on the use of Lao97 Coordinate System in Lao PDR

1-2 September 2011

– Theory of Horizontal & Vectical Coordinate Systems

– National Levelling Network & Datum Lao97

– Palameter values for Coordinate Systems and NGD’s practical applications using Lao97 Transformation parameters.

– NGD Software and Lao97

– Transformations Between Lao97 & WGS84 Coordinate syst

– Map Toponomy in Lao language

– Demonstratration on setting up Lao97 parameters for ArcGIS and other software and Pracitice


GIS committee (22 December 2011)

The purpose of this meeting is to revitalize GIS-committee (last meeting was 2003). The meeting agenda includes discussion about the future GIS-committee, meetings and main tasks.


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