Training Seminar on the dissemination of products and services of the National Geographic Department

By daosamlong on October 17, 2012

The purpose of this training seminar is to disseminate information on the products and services that the National Geographic Department (NGD) and the Survey and Mapping Centre (SMC) provide. The training seminar is being held from 15-18 October 2012 at KM4 Provincial Training Centre in Pakse District, Champasak Province.

The training seminar has been chaired by Madame Sikhay Sosiribounma, Deputy Director General of the National Geographic Department and Mr. Satien Saysopha, Director General of Home Affairs Sector of Champasak Province.

The participants are from 14 government sectors, in total of 33 participants as follow:


  1. Agriculture Division of Champasak Province
  2. Land Section
  3. Interior Division of Champasak Province (2)
  4. Energy and Mine Divison of Champasak Province
  5. Public works and Transportations Division of Champasak Province
  6. Water Division
  7. Public Health Division
  8. Champasak Provincial Office
  9. Department of Public works and Transportations
  10. Xekong Province Representatives (2)
  11. Attapeu Province Representatives (2)
  12. Planning and Investment Division of Champasak Province (2)
  13. Pakse, Champasak Province UDAA
  14. Pakse, Champasak Province Interior Division

And 4 Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

The programme is to raise awareness of staff of the availability of products and services of NGD and to launch it as a good staring point for good cooperation between the central and local authorities. Through the trainings NGD will be introduced along with its products and modern technology such as website and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Trainings will include the introduction and instructions for practical use of Geospatial Data provided by NGD. NGD various services will also be disseminated.



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