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1. Planning-Finance and Cooperation Division

–          Strategic and operational planning, budget and related training.

–          Management of  salaries, revenues and expenses.

–          Coordination with foreign countries and international organizations in donor assistance.

–          Develop memos, contracts, and agreements.

2. Survey Division

–          Draft proposals for technical regulation, manage and inspect the implementation of regulations nationwide.

–          Develop national basic survey networks.

–          Develop national basic terrain maps by surveying landscape.

–          Manage, maintain and protect national basic survey network points.

3. Science and Technology Division

–          Draft proposals for amending technical regulations.

–          Register businesses, technical staff and equipment.

–          Study and develop technologies.

–          Organize dissemination meetings and capacity building of personnel and other organizations.

–          Technical inspection and production quality certification.

4. Administration Division

–          Administration, organization, personnel, capacity building, promotion, document handling, management of  buildings etc.

–          Coordinate and support activities of organizations.

–          Information dissemination.

–          Draft proposals for regulations, rules and policies.

5. Cartography Division

–          Draft proposals for technical regulations.

–          Research, design and decorate national basic geographic maps (ATLAS).

–          Manage and maintain mapping data, figure and geographic information system maps.

–          Collect information on the names of terrains, statistics to serve different types of mapping.

6. National Borders and Joining Zone Division

–          Coordinate with relevant parties, create and print border maps and joining zone maps.

–          Manage original information on surveying, aerial photography and maps.

–          Study and analyze technical documents.

–          Manage and inspect the accuracy of border lines and joining zones of the maps.

7. Photogrammetry Division

–          Draft proposals for technical regulations.

–          Manage, monitor and inspect aerial photography techniques of operators.

–          Manage original films, satellite images and relevant information.

–          Manage, inspect and carry out the development of geographic maps by satellite images.

8. Technical Equipment and Data Supply Management Division

–          Manage, inspect and protect mapping inventory and system, surveying and technical equipment, vehicles and assets.

–          Provide information on surveying, aerial photography and mapping, vehicles and surveying equipment.

–          Create maps for divisions, center, and other sectors.

–          Prepare maintenance and reparation plans for buildings, sites, vehicles, equipment etc.


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