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By admin on April 2, 2012


Thursday, 1 March 2012


HOME PAGE: make the white text in the logo more visible

Pages Completed:


Workshops DONE

Technical Papers DONE

Study and Research DONE



GIS Committee (need fix the formattng)

Students DONE

International Organizations (need Lao version) but added more images

Private Companies (DONE)

Government Agencies (need Lao version) (more images/logos description links to their sites)

NGO’s and Institutions (need explanation)


Products and services

Photography to divide into Aerial and Satellite

Paper Maps (DONE)

Digital Data (DONE)

Project based services (need more explanation for each type of projects)

Survey (need photos and some explanation)

Equipment Hire (need photos of equipment)

Training (need photos of training conducted and short explanation)



Contact (DONE, need to create need to add the map, a nice map

Videos (Done)

Photos (details of gallery usage next workshop)

About Us

History (coming soon, have to get approval) after new year

 Staff more info

Division more info

Intranet (To add achievements and planning)

Features to train/introduce:

Photo Gallery

Intranet access control





–          Each division with their staff and their work output

–          Photogrammetry:  Aerial = airplane,

–          Survey: field work, equipment

–          Cartography: paper maps, digital maps

–          Science and technology: server, training, workshop


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